Bold and Beautiful Recap Wednesday 8/14/2019

Katie tells Brooke and Ridge that it’s incredible that after all Hope and Liam have been through, they have their daughter back. Brooke said it’s been an emotional time and they’re just overjoyed. Donna says we all are, thank God baby Beth is finally home. Katie said, I mean we knew that Phoebe..Beth was a Logan, but now that we know she’s Hopes daughter..” Donna finishes Katie’s sentence and says that just makes her so much more special. Donna asks wheres Hope, Liam and Beth. Brooke tells them that they wanted to spend the morning with Beth and they’ll be over soon so that they all can welcome Beth into the family.

At the cabin, Hope says, “good morning sweetheart,” to Beth. Liam says, “First night at home, how’d you sleep kid?” Hope said she didn’t wake up once, she was so peaceful it was like she knew she was finally where she was supposed to be. Liam said, “oh wow, how did mommy sleep?”Hope laughed and said not as well. Hope tells Liam that she didn’t want to miss a second with Beth, she wanted to watch her breathe all comfty in her crib. She tells Liam, I still can’t believe this is happening, she’s our daughter Liam, our Beth the missing piece of the puzzle that’s making their family whole again.”

Katie says it will be like seeing Beth for the first time and she can’t wait to hold her. Donna tells Brooke she must be so thrilled to find out her granddaughter is alive. Brooke said it’s as if an enormous weight has been lifted. Eric & Quinn walks in, Eric asks where’s the little girl of the hour? Donna tells him getting all glamoured up for her official debut. Brooke volunteers that Douglas is upstairs with Amelia. Quinn says Ridge filled them in and they’re shocked. Eric says it’s absolutely amazing isn’t it. Ridge tells Eric they’re trying to figure it all. When Quinn tries to say she still can’t believe what happened, Eric interrupts and says he’s happy for both of them but he feels badly for Steffy and he’s let her know that they’re for her no matter what she needs. Ridge says she knows whats happening, but giving up Phoebe was quite a sacrifice. Brooke said, “Steffy did the right thing, as devastating as it is for her, Beth is right where she belongs.”

When Hope comes out with Beth dressed, Liam says oh my gosh, look at that dress. Hope said she had to put her in something extra special for her date today. She tells Beth that everyone is so excited to meet her and she need to be prepared, because they’re going to give her lots and lots of kisses. Liam says right lot of kisses, lots of kisses just like this (he kisses her head) you can complain but it’s going to happen. Hope smiles and says this feels like a dream. Liam said you didn’t expect a day like this, did you? Hope said no she didn’t but they’re introducing her daughter to her family. Hope says Liam I can’t thank you enough for making this happen. Liam said it’s not me, you have Douglas to thank.

As Thomas looks at a picture of Hope in his cell phone, Vinny comes in and asks him how he slept. Thomas told Vinny that he need to buy him a better couch; Vinny says fine by me and asks Thomas if he’s hungry. Thomas tells Vinny no, he’s fine. Vinny tells Thomas make himself at home, Thomas gets upset and slaps something off of Vinny’s table and yells, ” I shouldn’t even be here, I should be with my wife, I should be with Hope!” Vinny suggests they get out of the house and get some air, he tells Thomas he’s acting like a caged animal. Thomas says he’s not interested in going anywhere. Vinny asks him whats the latest, Thomas asks him what does he think! Vinny tells him that he’s sorry and he knows that it has to suck. Thomas phone starts to ring, Vinny asks him if it’s Hope, Thomas says no it’s my dad. Vinny tells him maybe he should pick up because he called like ten times. Thomas says he doesn’t want to talk to his dad he will just lecture him. Vinny asks Thomas if he’s been in his stash because he’s acting amped up. Thomas yells, “of course I’m amped this whole thing is messed up!”

Katie says, “apparently Flo didn’t know what she was getting into when she agreed to help Zoe’s father. Ridge yells, “it doesn’t excuse what she did!” Eric said no it doesn’t she had a chance to put a stop to all of this but she chose not to. Donna asks, “where is Flo anyways?” Brooke said she can’t be far because Ridge took away her drivers license and Shauna’s. Donna said that was good thinking. Ridge told Quinn to ask her son, where his girlfriend is. Quinn said what happened is horrible, it’s a tragedy for everyone concerned, but she’s known Flo since she was a little girl and she’s a good person. Ridge interrupts saying, “she’s what— she’s a good person, she admitted that she did this, how can she be a good person?” Quinn says she understand but there’s has to be a lot more to this story and she need to talk to Flo and Shauna. Quinn said she think they should all celebrate with the family and ask them to tell Hope and Liam that she’s happy for them, but she has to go. When Quinn leaves, Eric tells everyone that Quinn is having a hard time with this and that she want to withhold judgement because of their history. Katie said angrily, “Flo lied to all of us, especially Hope!” Donna added, “her own cousin, I mean how do you do that to family?” Brooke said, “that’s the most difficult thing, but the most important thing is that Beth is alive, and she is home where she belongs, but I’m still furious with Flo!” Katie said, “I just can’t believe that this is who she is!” Brooke said, “she pretended to be loyal, but meanwhile, she just betrayed everybody.” Ridge said, “Steffy’s life was turned upside down!” Eric interrupted saying, “I can’t imagine how hard this was for Steffy, to have to say goodbye to Phoebe, none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for this Dr. Buckingham.” Katie said, “he need to pay!” Ridge added, “he ill pay, they’re looking for him, he will get arrested and he will pay!” Eric said, “he need to go to prison for a very long time!” Brooke said,”he isn’t the only one that should be punished, Flo should go to jail too!”

Liam and Hope arrive with Beth, everyone excitedly stands up to coo over her and welcome her to the family. Liam tells everyone they’re very lucky. Phoebe coos, Donna says, “oh my gosh, look at you guys, aww you’re a family.” Katie says, “this is your Beth, this is your daughter!”

Thomas tells Vinny that he should be off somewhere with Hope, I’m the only one whose ever really loved her and suddenly I ended up the bad guy. Vinny tells Thomas that he did kinda mess with Hope’s life. Thomas says that wasn’t him, that was Zoe’s father, he’s the one that did all that. Thomas said, “I gave her my child, I gave her a family, does anyone ever think about how I’m feeling?” Vinny said that must have been hard on you losing Douglas’s mother. Thomas said, “Caroline is dead and I’m dealing with my own loss, but does anybody care, no, nobody cares, nobody cares about how I’m feeling!” Vinny says your dad, your dads been texting. Thomas says it’s because he wants to ream him out, not because he actually cares about me. Vinny said Mr. F has always been super cool and he’s sure he’ll eventually understand. Thomas yells, ” Hope is my wife! She’s mine, she’s all mine! She’s not Liam’s, she’s not his ok? He will never love her the way that I do ever! He’ll screw it up just like he always does!” Vinny asks Thomas if he thinks Hope and Liam are getting back together. Thomas yells,” Hope is my wife and Liam has a kid with my sister and he’s living over there, what about her and what about Kelly? Everyone should be thinking about Kelly and whats best for her, but it’s all about Beth, that’s all they talk about is Beth, Beth, Beth and I’m so sick of it!” Vinny tells him that he needs him to keep his voice down because he has neighbors. Thomas asks Vinny what part doesn’t he get, he says, “I was ratted out by my own kid, that ungrateful little…ok look, I love him, obviously I’ll always love him, but stabbing me in the back like that… I can fix this, I can fix this. I just need to see Hope, I need to talk to her and explain things, and she’ll understand, she has too!”

Katie tells Hope that Beth looks just like her and she must be excited. Hope said, “ecstatic, shocked full of gratitude, we’ve pretty much been through every emotion over the past few days, we’re just relieved that she’s finally home.” Eric says, “Ridge filled us in on everything that happened, but I can’t believe what Zoe’s father did.” Katie added and everyone who helped him cover it up. Liam said that’s a long list. Hope said she couldn’t believe how many people knew and kept it quiet, people that she considered friends, especially Flo. Donna added and Thomas. Hope said yeah he knew and married me anyway. Eric said that Thomas could have helped her anywhere along the way, he could have ended her suffering but he chose not to and he’s sorry about that. Liam said the important is she’s here, she’s home where she belongs. Hope says and that is thanks to you Liam. She tells everyone Liam figured it all out. Liam said both he and Hope knew that something was off. Katie tells Hope she guess that’s why she was so drawn to her. Hope said she thought something was wrong with her, but when Liam put it altogether it made sense, it was the biggest relief of her life. Donna tells Liam she’s grateful to him, if it wasn’t for him she doesn’t know what would have happened. Liam said, “it wasn’t me, the real hero is this little guy (pointing at Douglas). Katie told Douglas that Liam was just bragging on how brave he was and how he brought Beth back to their family. Douglas said his daddy was angry at him, Ridge tells him not to worry about that, they’re all proud of him. Hope tells Douglas that she loves him so much, and thanks him for bringing Beth home, Douglas smiles.

Thomas tells Vinny that he can win Hope back, they took vows to be together for better of worse. Vinny adds she must have loved you, she married you. Thomas says it was Liam he had to get her all riled up, but he can turn things back around, he just needs to see her and explain things and hold her, and touch her, and kiss her. Ahh when I saw her in that lingerie, ahhh I can fix this. She has to forget about Liam, right? She can have her baby, but she’s forgetting about him, she’s going to be with me.” Vinny said good for you man, stand your ground. Thomas said, “it might take a little bit of time, but I will have Hope, nothing will stop me from getting what I want!” Eric tells Hope and Liam that after all the anguish and heartache they deserve to have every happiness in the world with their little girl. Ridge says, “she’s always been a part of the family, when we thought she was gone, she was right here, we loved her when she was Phoebe and we’ll love her just as much now that she’s Beth, especially this hot grandmother over here and the rest of you crazy Logan women.” Katie and Donna shared some loving and welcoming words to Hope, Liam and Beth. Brooke tells Beth that she never thought she would see her alive and she considers her a blessing and a gift. Hope thanked everyone for being there every step of the way, and she never felt alone because she knew she had her family. Liam said that its a good family, and it’s a point of pride for him knowing Beth will be surrounded by such strong women, starting with her mother. Hope tells Liam that he’s given her so much, he made a beautiful little girl with her and brought them back together, he reunited their family and she’ll never be able to express how much it means to be holding their little girl, their Beth.

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