Y&R Recap Thursday 8/15/2019

Lola jokes with Kyle telling him that he’s superstitious because he’s packing so that he can spend the night before their wedding away from her. Kyle tells Lola maybe he’s just traditional. Lola jokingly suggests that maybe he’s bolting before the wedding. She confesses she’s nervous and that she really likes him and would like to keep him around. Kyle tells her that’s good because shes stuck with him forever, he says nothing can stop them now

Summer tells Theo that she hopes Abby isn’t around with a pitcher of Sangria because her hair is already done for the wedding. Theo tells her she’s in the clear. They engage in playful and flirtatious banter. Summer asks Theo what’s Kyle’s secret because she can see it had him shaken up. Theo tries to joke his way out of telling Summer, but she threatens that he better tell her.

Mariah tells Sharon that she should have said the party was co-ed, it could have stopped some of her guest from being embarrassed, Sharon tells her it’s ok. Tessa shares that she had her wedding song for Kyle and Lola recorded so they can have it as a memory to look back on.

Rey bumps into Sharon at the Coffee House, as she refills his coffee cup and he asks if she will drink with him. Sharon tells Rey the photos he gathered of Lola for the party were adorable. He asked Sharon how Faith was and apologized for not reaching out to her before he moved out. Rey told Sharon if he thinks he should reach out to Faith he will; Sharon says Faith understands. Sharon says it’s her fault that Faith always goes through this. Sharon says she always promise herself not to bring someone into their life if it’s just going to fall apart and then it happens again. Rey fills Sharon in on Jack flying out to convince Celeste to come to the wedding. Rey confesses he’s worried that Lola might end up with a broken heart. Sharon tells him that won’t happen. Rey wonders how Sharon can say that given not many marriages lasts 50 years. Sharon says she do, she believe in forever and promises kept. Rey asks her even now. Sharon tells him she yes.

Kyle and Lola have a hard time parting for the night. Lola expresses she’s worried that Jack won’t be able to convince her mom to come. Kyle can tell she’s still worried about things and tells her he can stay on the phone with her all night, Lola tells him to go she’ll be ok. They kiss and say their I love you’s before he leaves.

Theo is turned on by Summer threatening him. Theo asks Summer if she really wants to know, Summer says yes, she’s not Lola she can handle it. Summer says if he won’t tell her, she’ll find out on her own and use it against him. Theo agrees to take a trip down memory lane and tell her the secret.

Rey tells Sharon that Celeste going back to their dad sent Lola over the edge. Sharon tells him Lola will be a beautiful bride, and nothing else will matter, just love.

Lola goes to the Coffee House and bump into Tessa and Mariah who notices she seems nervous. Lola tells them she took the fight at her party as an omen that something bad will happen. Lola shares that she feels insecure that Kyle loved Summer, and she’s not her.

Theo tells Summer that one night he and Kyle hosted a party and a girl showed up and got so drunk that they had to take her to the emergency room. As they were in the car getting ready to take her, Kyle asked for her purse so that they could see her id, Kyle panicked when her id said she was only 17. Summer asked Theo what did they do next.

Sharon tells Rey that Lola is there in the Coffee House talking to Tessa and Mariah. Rey gets worried and wonder if he should go talk to her. Sharon tells him no she’s probably just having pre-wedding jitters. Rey thanks her for talking him out of it. Rey says he has his own jitters he’s getting ready to give his sister away. Sharon said she’ll have Mariah send her some pics of the wedding. Rey tells her it wasn’t supposed to be like this, she was supposed to be there with him

Kyle goes to see the place their wedding will be, he’s pleased at how beautifully it’s decorated.

Mariah and Tessa give Lola a pep talk and help calm her down.

Theo reassures Summer that they didn’t touch the girl, Summer said she was underage still and drunk. There was a flashback of Kyle and Theo going back and forth about what they should do with her. Theo wanted to dump her because she was a minor, Kyle told Theo her stomach needed to be pumped. Kyle and Theo agreed to drop her off at the hospital and go. Theo said the next day the girls dad came to their home and said they were going to be in trouble for endangering his daughter. Theo said he was nervous and didn’t know what to do but Kyle was the big man he knew exactly what to do. Summer says if you guys didn’t go to jail, he must have talked his dad down. Theo says no, Kyle opened his trust fund and paid the dad off, then they were more careful and checked id’s before their parties, then one day Kyle packed up and went home like it never happened. Summer asks Theo why is he mad at Kyle for saving his butt from going to jail. Theo maintains he’s just trying to keep Kyle real, he says Kyle is trying to erase his past. Summer tells Theo he’s just afraid that Kyle is trying to erase him. Theo tries to throw in Summer’s face how Kyle treated her, Summer told him she grew up and handled it like an adult and he should try that too.

Lola is happy and excited about her wedding tomorrow thanks to Lola and Tessa’s pep talk. They all share I love you’s before Lola leaves.

Summer bumps into Kyle at his wedding site, Summer tells him that she’s happy for him. Kyle tells her that he and Lola really want her at the wedding, Kyle says just without Theo; Summer tells Kyle not bringing Theo is not an issue. Summer warns Kyle to watch his back where Theo is concerned she tells him that she thinks Theo has a vendetta. Before Summer leaves she tells Kyle that she thinks he and Lola are really made for each other.

Mariah and Tessa call Theo out on his attempt to trash Kyle at his party. Mariah tells Theo that she has a feeling New York really misses him and maybe they should reconnect.

Lola bumped into Kyle at the wedding site, Kyle is disappointed that Lola saw the site before the wedding. Lola is blown away and so happy at how beautiful it is. Kyle jokes and asks if it’s too late for her to close her eyes. Lola says maybe she should leave, Kyle tells her no, and turns on the music and pulls her into a dance. Lola smiles and says so maybe she did know where she was going

Rey tries to pay Sharon for his coffee she tells him don’t dare try to pay her, then lovingly tells him how they became friends and how she told him from now on coffee would be on the house. Rey tells her things are different now, Sharon asks him to just let her comp his coffee this last time, he agrees.

Kyle tells Lola the next time he dances it will be with his wife. Lola tells Kyle he has given her a fairy tale only this is real. Kyle says and in a fairy tale this would be the time you run off and leave me your shoe. Lola said I do have to go, but I will never leave you, they kiss. Kyle says last dance, last kiss. Lola says before a million firsts and tomorrow, when we share one before all the people who love us it will be like our first, I promise.

Theo sits at the counter looking at Zoe’s (the girl who got drunk at the party) social media page.

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