Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/14/2019

Abby is surprised to see that her mom has arrived earlier than expected. Ashley asks Abby where Jack is, she says they have some business to discuss and that he was expecting her arrival. Ashley tells her mom, that Jack left and later he is supposed to go and try to convince Celeste to come to Kyle and Lola’s wedding. Ashley tells Abby she wonder what’s so important that Jack left knowing she was coming.

Victor pops up at Newman Enterprises, he tells Victor that he’s there to talk to Victoria. Victor doesn’t buy Jack’s story and tells him he’s there to see if he’s having side effect from his treatment and tells him he’s out of luck, because he’s handling his treatments well. Jack tells Victor he’s happy he’s well because he knows his family is going through a rough time right now.

Adam gets served with a restraining order that also states he’s no longer allowed to see Christian. He calls Michael and tells him he was served. Michael tells him to call down, he tells Michael he will not calm down and tells Michael that he need to fix it right now!

Elena fills Devon in on Christian going missing. Elena gets a call from Nate who tells her he would like to talk to her about something and asks her to meet him at Crimson Lights.

Kyle asks Lola how long she’s been awake. Holding the letter from her dad she tells him she’s been up for a while. She tells Kyle she received a letter from her dad, and that he’d like to come to the ceremony. She tells Kyle she’s looked at the letter a thousand times and she doesn’t know what to do about it. Lola tells Kyle if he would have asked her how she felt before she got the letter it would have been different. She says the letter brought up feelings. Kyle tells her he will support whatever she wants to do. Lola says she doesn’t want to focus on the past and a man who walked out on her. Kyle promises to never disappoint her.

Elena kissed Devon goodbye and tells him she will tell him what Nate says. Adam catches Devon in the hall and tells him that he would like to talk to his girlfriend. Devon asks about what, Adam says he would like her perspective on what happened in the park, Devon says he can talk to him.

Victor reaasures Jack he’s doing fine with the side effects of his meds. Jack tells him he just want him to know he sympathizes with what his family is going through right now. He said he knows about Nick and Adam fighting for custody of Christian and how disappointing it can be when your family is fighting each other. Victor said thats something they can agree upon.

Ashley asks Abby if she’s taking on to much buying the hotel while running Society. Abby says she’ll be ok she has Phyllis to manage it. Ashley asks if she can trust Phyllis, Abby assures her she’ll be fine. Ashley tells her it makes her heart happy to think of her daughter and Olivia’s son dating. Abby tells her that she doesn’t know where they stand.

Nate tells Elena an opportunity popped up at Memorial and he thinks she has a real shot at it.

Jack tells Victor it wasn’t that long ago that he and Kyle was at odds, he said Kyle was destructive when he came back to Genoa City. Victor said Kyle isn’t in the same league with Adam. Jack tells Victor he’s been at odds with all his kids and he’s been able to reconcile. Victor says they never did the things Adam is doing. Jack says that’s because he’s drowning and tells Victor to throw him a lifeline. Victor said he has and nothing seems to be enough, he says Adam wanted him to choose sides and now he has.

Devon tells Adam he doesn’t want his girlfriend caught in the middle of his drama. Adam says Christian sees him as a monster thanks to Nick brainwashing his son against him. Devon asked him if he’s taken a good look in the mirror. Adam says he just want to spend time with his son, and that when he went missing he was worried and stuck around to help find him. Adam tells Devon he doesn’t want Christian to grow up like him, he wants him to know his son and he wants him to know him. Devon tells Adam if it was anyone else he would agree, he tells Adam if he gave a damn about Christian he would make things right for him. Adam feels Devon doesn’t know what he’s talking about, Devon says actually he does. He tells Adam either he can shut the hell up and listen or he can leave.

Elena is shocked when Nate tells her that he talked to the program director about interviewing her for the surgical residency opening. Elena tells Nate she doesn’t know what to say. Nate says he told them she dropped her last residency because her mom died. Elena said she didn’t see this on her radar for at least another year. Nate says he’s never been one to believe in faith but it seems like there’s a doctor coat for Dr. Lawson calling. He tells Elena to take her time and think about it. Elena says she doesn’t need time she already knows what she wants to do.

Ashley welcomes Lola in the family. Lola tells Ashley that she trusts Kyle with her life. Jack comes home and tells everyone he and Ashley need a new name for their company. Kyle said John created a brand one that he and Ashley nourished all their lives and one day he’s like to bring his kids into and nothing else they call the company will ever feel right. Jack proudly tells Kyle he didn’t know he felt that way. Jack and Ashley takes Kyle’s advice and decide to keep the name Jabot!

Devon tells Adam he didn’t know his father and he never had a role model in his life until he met Neil. He said he never thought he would need his dad until he met Tucker but he had room to love them both men. Devon says a child needs all the love and support they can get. Adam asks even if the two men hate each other. Devon says yes because both people have to compromise and do whats best for the child. Adam says, “tell Nick he drew first blood.” Devon tells Adam that he drew blood first when he filed for custody of Christian and took him out of the only home he’s ever known. Adam says but Nick went to far with the restraining order. Devon said the judge took custody from you both so how did Nick do that. Adam said you’re right he couldn’t do that, but I know who could.

The Abbott’s toast to the long and happy future of Jabot. Abby asked her mom if she will be moving back now that she and Jack are merging their companies. Ashley says she’s staying in Paris but tells Abby she will be so busy she probably won’t even miss her. Nate stop by to get a few things straight. Abby tells him he made things clear when he left her at the party and didn’t call her. Nate tells her she sounds miffed. Abby said she can’t afford to get into a relationship and get left with a broken heart. Nate listens and then tells her he has something to say

Elena tells Devon that Nate scheduled for her to have an interview for the residency program. Devon says really.

Adam goes to see Victor and tells him he was served with a restraining order that at first he thought Nick was responsible for. Victor tells him he left him no choice. Adam said and what’s that to take Nick’s side. Victor said to take Christian’s side.

Nate tells Abby he’s been thinking a lot about the other night and there’s a lot he doesn’t know about her. He says she’s a mystery and he want to get to know her. He realizes he can’t rush because they have different approaches, he said maybe they can take it one day at a time. Abby is happy he didn’t come to break up with her and asks him to come to Lola and Kyle’s wedding as her plus one.

Devon tells Elena it makes perfect sense for her to go for the residency job and that she’d make the perfect Dr. Elena doesn’t want to let the opportunity pass her by, Devon tells her then don’t and wishes her luck.

Adam tells Victor he’s just mad because he’s doing what he didn’t have the courage to do..he tells him he let another man raise him. Victor tells him that was his mother choice and he didn’t want to hurt him with a long drawn out custody battle. Adam said he’d never hurt Christian. Victor tells him but he did, and he frightened him and made him run off. Adam says you knew who I was when you brought me back yet you still did. Victor tells him he shouldn’t have! Adam asks him if that means he has regrets, Victor says more than you’ll ever know!

Elena comes in sad, Devon is worried and then she says I got the job. Devon surprises her with her old lab coat that he sent to have dry cleaned for her. Devon tells her his heart is beating super fast and he need to see a doctor. Elena says she has the remedy for that, they kiss

The Abbott’s toast to Kyle and Lola. Jack leaves to go talk Celeste into coming to the wedding. Lola tells him she’s not sure he knows what he’s getting into and she won’t blame him if he can’t talk her mom into coming. Jack said difficulty is his specialty, after all, he’s been dealing with Victor most of his life! Jack reassures Lola he’s not coming back without her mom.

Victor tells Adam to go back to his old life there’s nothing here for him. Adam said he isn’t going anywhere he’s staying in Genoa city. Victor said he’ll live to regret it. Adam said he will use the hate in Victor’s voice as motivation to win both his boys and he’ll take everything Victor and his entitled siblings have and then they’ll be the ones with nothing.

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