Bold and Beautiful Recap Friday 8/16/2019

Donna and Katie are fawning over Beth. Donna said they have to run to the toy store and buy her anything her heart desires; Katie jokes that they will charge it all to grandpa Bill. Hope cries and says, “remember the last time we welcomed someone into the Logan family and how excited that they were that she was one of them, I still can’t believe what she did that to me and my daughter.”

Flo and Shauna broke into Hope’s house. Shauna tells Flo to practice what she wants to say to Hope. Flo says she doesn’t know what she can say to Hope, she doesn’t know what words can convey how she feels. Shauna insists that she has to try. Flo says, “and what, then Hope won’t tell me to go straight to hell and send me to jail?” Shauna tells her that Hope won’t do that. Flo said she would be surprised if the Logan women wanted to erase her from her their lives altogether.

Hope leaves the Logan women so that she can put her baby to sleep. Donna cries tears of joy from seeing Hope with her baby. Brooke says nothing or no one will ruin the joy Hope and her baby are having right now.

Shauna tells Flo to stop assuming the worse. Flo says Hope will send her to jail. Shauna tells Flo that Hope isn’t that vindictive and that she should tell Hope that she’s been suffering too. Flo tells Shauna that her suffering doesn’t compare to Hope’s. Shauna disappears out the back when she hears Hope at the door. Flo walks into the living room and listens to Hope talking to Beth about the fairy tale life they’re living now. She startles Hope when she calls her name.

Brooke and her sisters discuss planning a party, Katie tells them that even though they are happy they have to think about Steffy and how she feels. Brooke agrees and says Steffy needs some time, she lost a child that she loved. Shauna shows up in Brookes home as she’s talking with her sisters. Brooke is angry and tells Shauna’s off about what they put her daughter through. Donna tells Shauna that Flo betrayed Hope and their family in the worse way possible. Brooke demands to know where Flo is. Shauna tells her down at Hope’s trying to make amends.

Hope asks Flo how did she get in and tells her she has to go. Flo begin saying how happy she is to see Beth in her arms and tells her that she was robbed of her little girl and now she can make all the memories she lost out on. Hope changes her mind and tells Flo she’s about to put Beth down and tells Flo to stay there. Flo thinks of the first time she met Hope at the Bikini Bar and tried to tell her. Hope comes out and tells Flo that she said she was robbed, and she’s right she was robbed of her daughter. Hope tells Flo she wasn’t there that night in Catalina so she didn’t start the deception, but she perpetuated it by not coming to her the moment she found out the truth and as far as she’s concerned that makes her a part of the cruelty to begin with, Hope asks her, “How could you do that to me, how could you do that to Beth, your own flesh and blood? How could you Flo! How could you do something so heartless?”

Katie tells Shauna that Flo has taken enough from Beth and Hope. Shauna asks, “don’t you think Flo realizes that?”. Brooke said, “we don’t know what Flo realizes! We thought we knew her, we thought we could see our brother Storm in her, his goodness and his decency, but obviously she’s nothing like him!” Shauna yells that her daughter is a sweet, loving girl that got caught up in something she couldn’t get herself out of. Katie said, “oh for the love of God, are you kidding me? No one was holding a gun to her head!” Shauna said, “no not literally, but the pressure she was under by Reese and then Thomas…” Brooke interrupts her and says,”oh stop, stop! We’re not going to do this with you, obviously you will do or say anything to protect your daughter, but I’m telling you Shauna if shes’s down there, and she does anything to upset Hope…” Shauna says she won’t she just want to see Hope with Beth and then try to explain. Katie angrily says, “explain what! That she pretended to care about Hope and empathize over her loss all the while she knew that Steffy was raising her daughter?” Shauna says she told them it wasn’t like that. Katie said, “it was exactly like that and from what I understand, you did nothing, Flo just got deeper and deeper because she didn’t want to deal with the ramifications of her part in this disgusting secret, well now it’s been exposed and so have you and your daughter!” Brooke tells her sisters they should go down there because Hope has been through enough and she shouldn’t have to deal with this. Donna says, “no she shouldn’t, but then again maybe it would be good for her to be able to look her cousin in the eyes and tell her what it feels like to be so horribly betrayed by somebody you love, somebody you thought loved you, somebody whose a part of the family and doesn’t deserve to be.”

Flo tries to talk, Hope tells her, “don’t!” Hope tells Flo she remembers the first time they met at the Bikini Bar and she saw her crying and talking to Katie about losing her baby, and she came over and offered her words of comfort and then later Zoe came over and said you were Phoebe’s mom, so she thought they were connected because they both lost a child. Later she found out she was a Logan, yet through all the chances she had to tell her about Beth she didn’t. Hope told Flo when she saw her crying for her baby instead of telling her the truth she would encourage her to try to have another baby. Hope said she didn’t want another baby, she wanted her baby her Beth and Flo stole that from her. Hope tells Flo that she can’t believe someone she trusted did this to her, her own cousin.

Shauna tells Brooke that she would be more concerned about Thomas than Flo. Brooke snaps at Shauna telling her that Thomas is none of her concern! Donna jumps in and tells Shauna that she has lost all credibility with their family. Brooke tells Shauna that Hope will never forgive her for what she did.

Hope tells Flo that she allowed her to end her marriage knowing the truth and allowed Steffy to raise her child. Flo asked Hope to please hear her out and begin explaining how she wanted to tell Hope the truth so many times, but then she found Wyatt and found out she was a Logan and didn’t want to lose her new life but lived with the guilt of keeping the secret everyday. Flo begged Hope to find it in her heart to forgive her.

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