Y&R Recap Friday 8/16/2019

At Crimson Lights, Kyle phone rings, the caller id identifies the caller as Theo. Kyle ignores the call, then he gets a text from Theo saying: Today’s your big day, bro. The end of life as you knew it. Any final wishes? Kyle doesn’t respond to the text.

Lola thanks Abby for sending her glam squad to do her hair and makeup. Mariah tells Lola she looks amazing and Abby says she better put emergency services on stand by because Lola is a knock out! Lola giggles at the compliments that Mariah, Abby and Tessa are showering on her. Abby tells Lola she has never seen her cousin so in love with someone, she says she always thought the love of his life would be his sports car. Mariah says she thinks its adorable the way he’s keeping the wedding location a secret. Lola says, “spoiler alert! I already saw it.” Shocked, Abby and Mariah asks how did she see it. Lola says she was taking a walk and then she was just there and so was Kyle, he was the putting on the finishing touches. They asked if Kyle was disappointed, Lola tells them he wasn’t disappointed, he was perfect. Abby asked her what she thought about the wedding location. Lola said, “it was like he walked around my dreams, took every wish and made them come true.” The ladies toasted to ” the bride, the groom, love, laughter and happily ever after.”

Victoria called Nick to tell him everything was setup for his supervised visitation. She tells him that Monique will be there the entire time to supervise the visit. As Victoria is talking to Nick asking him not to forget to bring Christian’s dinosaur, Billy starts remembering finding Deliah’s doll. Billy snaps out of his trance when Victoria asked him, “what did you get the kids for dinner?” Victoria notices he’s off and asks if he’s ok, he lies and says he’s never be better.

Tracy tells Ashley that she can’t believe that Kyle’s getting married. Ashley adds that he’s marrying the woman that he was made for. Tracy said, “It restores your faith in the universe doesn’t it? The Abbott’s have been through so many tribulations, it’s time for some celebration!” Ashley reminds Tracy there were other things to celebrate like, her book. Tracy adds Abby’s unqualified success running Society and the merger between her and Jack’s companies. Ashley tells Tracy to hold on it’s still in it’s early stages; Tracy counters, “but it’s still coming together, and its like the Abbott’s are finally unifying again, we’re working together in harmony, and today we’re unified in welcoming a new member to our family.” Ashley adds, “Lola and Kyle are so sweet and young, they have the world at their feet, they’re optimistic and totally fearless.” Kyle walks in and Ashley excitedly says hi to him, Tracy notices that something is wrong, Kyle says, “we have a problem!” Tracy asks if there was a problem with Lola’s dress, Kyle agitated said, “if only it were that simple!”

Summer meets with her mom, Phyllis suggests some fun stuff they could do today to get her mind off Kyle’s wedding. Phyllis is taken back when Summer turns her down and tells her she had something a little more radical planned.

Lola tells Abby, Mariah and Tessa that she feels like Cinderella.She said it feels like a dream that she has three best friends, she said she hadn’t felt part of a friend group since she was in middle school. Mariah and Tessa said they feel the same, but now they have each other. Lola tells them, “I can’t tell you how much that means.” Abby jokes to Lola saying, “without us, you would have given up on Kyle months ago!” Lola wants them to promise to still be there when she and Kyle are just a boring old couple. Tessa says that Lola couldn’t get rid of them if she tried. Abby added they’re her alibis should she ever need one, Lola laughs and says she really hope she don’t ever need an alibi. They tell Lola they’re her squad for life.

Kyle tells Ashley and Tracy that he can’t do this. They tell him it’s perfectly normal to have the jitters. Kyle says this is way beyond cold feet. Ashley says, “I’m sure whatever you planned, Lola’s going to love it!” Kyle says, “I don’t mean the ceremony, that’s nothing, one fairy tale day where she’s the happiest she’s ever been? I can do that with my eyes closed.” Tracy asks him, “well whats the problem?” Kyle says, “it’s the marriage part that has me scared to death.” Ashley asks why. Kyle yells, “divorce is in our DNA, the Abbott family tree is full of nuts, broken branches, doomed marriages, infidelity, no one in this family has had a happy, healthy, long lasting marriage. Not that Lola’s family is a shining example either, but she’s different, she’s the best. The most loving person I know and she deserves real happiness the kind that last. The forever kind of love, with a man that will treat her like she’s the most wonderful thing that ever walked the earth. A guy whose only goal is to make that extraordinary woman feel like she has everything her heart desires, who’ll try to make everyday an adventure, who’ll always put her first, be careful with her heart. That’s what she deserves.” His aunts agree. Ashley says, “Kyle you are that man.”

Phyllis is surprised that Summer wants to attend Kyle’s wedding. Summer said she thought about it and she think that its the right thing to do. Phyllis asks if it’s the right thing to do for her or for Kyle. Summer says she and Kyle have a special connection and as much as she might hate him sometimes, she’ll always care about him and want what’s best for him, no matter whats going on. Phyllis asks if she’s sure going to the wedding is the right thing to do, she reminds Summer that it wasn’t so long ago that she took vows with Kyle and he hurt her. Summer tells Phyllis that she recently found out that she hurt Kyle before in the past and she’s not saying they’re even but when you love someone and you let them into your life, you run the risk of them breaking your heart. Summer says if she doesn’t go she’ll feel like she’s hiding and it might hurt to go, but she’ll look darn good. She asks Phyllis to be her plus one, and Phyllis agrees.

Mariah gives Lola something old, it was purse from an antique shop. Abby gave her something new, a perfume from her mom’s company. Abby said it was so new that it doesn’t even have a name yet. Tessa gives her a blue garter belt, and Abby gave her diamond earrings as something borrowed. Abby tells Lola when she want a pair of her own, drop a hint to her husband. They all share a group hug.

Tracy and Ashley tell Kyle to learn from other people mistakes and do better, they tell him that he and Lola have already survived most of the challenges that relationships face. Tracy says if you get invited to an argument don’t show up and to remind each that you chosen each other out of all the other people there ever were. Ashley tells him above all listen to her. After giving Kyle great advice, he’s grateful and asks what would he ever do without them, they share a group hug.

Elena, Devon, Victoria and Billy are impressed with how beautiful the wedding looks. Devon can’t believe Kyle arranged it. Billy says its clear that Kyle has secret talents. Devon said he nailed it. Victoria said it’s like a dream. Victoria asked Billy whats it’s like knowing they’re blissfully unmarried forever. Billy said he’ll be in the front to catch the garter so he can never marry her.

Rey pays Lola a visit. Rey tells her he has a million things to say, but he doesn’t know what to say. They share a tender moment. Lola tells Rey that he gave her the courage to reach for the stars and he’s the best brother a sister could have.

Tracy and Ashley are impressed with the way Kyle decorated the wedding location. Nate said Kyle really raised the bar. Devon tells Kyle when Abby told him that he was in charge of the wedding decorations, this was the last thing he imagined.

As Lola is praising Rey for all the wonderful things he’s done for her, Celeste comes in. Lola is so happy to see her mom. Celeste tells her that she couldn’t miss her baby wedding. She apologizes for the way she left. Lola apologizes for shutting her out. Rey asked her did his million emails convince her to come, she said no it was a wise man (Jack) who reminded her how precious these moments are and that she belong there with her daughter. She tells Lola that her father-in-law adores her. Celeste tells Lola that she’s happy that she found someone who celebrates her. Lola asked her to walk her down the aisle along with Rey. Abby says it’s time to get her into her dress, she tells Rey and Celeste to prepare for magic.

Everyone is shocked to see Phyllis and Summer walk into the wedding, but Kyle smiles. Kyle’s breath is taken away when Lola appears. Abby looks at Summer with disgusts, while Phyllis looks at Lola and her family with irritation. After Celeste and Rey walk Lola to meet Kyle at the alter, Celeste see’s Lola’s dad peeking from behind the drapes, she runs out and tells him that he should have never showed his face. He asked her if she really thought the he would miss their daughters wedding. Celeste reams him out for abandoning the kids and continues to tell him he has no right to be there. Lola’s dad said he did miss out on their lives but he wasn’t going to add something else to list by missing her wedding. He gushes over how beautiful Lola looks. Celeste’s warns him not to ruin Lola’s day and storms off back to the wedding. Lola’s dad continue to peek at the wedding from behind the drapes. Summer’s heart is broken as she sadly watches the love of her life marry Lola. Lola and Kyle take their vows and are announced as husband and wife. Kyle kisses Lola before the priest can get the words out of his mouth. Continue to watch The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS to see whats next for the newly weds!

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