Bold and Beautiful Spoilers 8/19-8/23

MONDAY 8/19/2019

Hope and Ridge see to it that Flo pays for her role in the kidnapping of Beth. Wyatt has to choose between his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to his family.

TUESDAY 8/20/2019

Ridge feels uneasy when Detective Sanchez shows up to question Thomas about Emma’s death. Justin helps Hope annul her marriage to Thomas and undo the illegal adoption of Phoebe (Beth).

WEDNESDAY 8/21/2019

When Hope tells Thomas their marriage is over he berserk! Liam and Brooke are afraid of how far Thomas might go to get Hope back.

Thursday 8/22/2019

Brooke consoles Ridge when he confesses what he feels was his biggest failure. Thomas manipulates Amelia into bringing Douglas to him and then goes on an tirade, leaving Douglas feeling afraid.

Friday 8/23/2019

Hope is in grave danger when Thomas sets out to find her at the cliff house. Ridge and Brooke try to reach Hope before Thomas finds her.

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