Could Phyllis Be the Next Mrs. Newman?

Adam and Nick have been viciously battling each other for custody of Christian. Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Adam’s side, everyone seems to think that Christian belongs with Nick. Adam however, feel he should raise his son, because he doesn’t want his son to grow up in a house of lies like he did. It appears that Adam will ask Sharon to marry him this week on Y&R; perhaps he thinks it will help him win custody of his son if he’s married. Spoilers for the week of August 19-August 23 indicate Sharon will give Adam an answer to a marriage proposal and from the look of Adams angry reaction after asking Sharon about the answer to his marriage proposal, it appears her answer will be NO! If Adam feels having a mother figure will help him win custody of Christian, will he continue to look for a woman to wed?

When Adam realized his father, Victor was behind the restraining order that mandated he has to stay away from Christian, Adam was livid and felt betrayed. Adam vowed that he would use the hatred his father had in his voice as motivation to not only win custody of both of his sons but also to take everything that Victor owns away from him. Adam is angry and hurt and on a rampage, we all know things can get really ugly when Adam is feeling betrayed. Could he possible find an ally in Phyllis? The spoilers for this upcoming week shows Phyllis in Victor’s face vowing to take away everything he owns as well. If Phyllis and Adam team up to take Victor down, could they find themselves falling in love and taking a trip down the aisle? A marriage to Adam would be most beneficial to Phyllis who would like to own the Grand Phoenix Hotel, that’s currently owned by Adam. Tune into The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS to find out if Phyllis and Adam will be the next Genoa City residents to take a trip down the aisle.

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