Til Death Do Us Part!

Thomas has become progressively obsessed with Hope, since the death of Caroline. Initially Thomas’s interest in Hope seemed to be about wanting a mother for his grieving son, but soon that desire turned into a dark obsession that lead to him wanting Hope all for himself! Despite Brooke warning her daughter that Thomas was unstable and pleading with her not to marry him, Hope decided that marrying Thomas was the best thing to do for his son Douglas. Brooke tried to warn her daughter that with marriage comes the expectation of other things from a husband, Hope foolishly ignore all her mother’s advice. Now that Beth’s identity has been revealed to Hope, she wants the life that she dreamed of having with Liam and their child. The only problem is she made a vow to stick with Thomas for better or worse and Thomas has no plans on letting her break her vow!

This upcoming week Hope will ask Justin to help her annul her marriage to Thomas. A sneak peek video shows Hope telling Thomas over the phone that the marriage is over, and later we are shown a terrified Hope trying to get away from Thomas at the cliff house. Will Hope be able to escape the deranged Thomas? Has Hope’s overly trusting ways landed her into a deadly situation? This weeks episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful will certainly have fans sitting at the edge of their seats and biting their nails, as they wonder if the price for breaking her vows, will cause Hope to be seriously injured or even worse cause someone’s death! Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiul weekdays on CBS to find who meets their tragic ending.

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