Could Bella Be Adam’s Daughter?

For weeks Billy has been haunted by dreams and delusions of Delia crying out for help. A sleep deprived Billy has seen Delia’s baby doll and writing on the wall of the Chancellor mansion saying: Stop Adam Now! Billy’s nightmares even drove him to buy a gun to kill Adam with. Since Delia is dead, we know that she cannot be crying out for her dad to save her from Adam, so who does she want her dad to save from Adam and why?

After Delia died her mother, Chloe was desperate to have another baby. Chloe who was not in her right mental state of mind stole some of Billy’s sperm thinking if she had another baby with Billy it would replace Delia. When it was discovered that Chloe had a baby, Kevin assumed it was his because they had been married at the time she became pregnant. Fans have speculated that Billy was the father. But what if Adam’s sperm was mistakenly inseminated into Chloe? With Adam back from the dead once again, and on a rampage trying to take custody of all of his children, wouldn’t it make sense that Delia would want to protect her little sister for her murder? What possibly scenario could lead to the revelation that Adam was the child’s father?

Chloe is on the run, evading prosecution for trying to murder Adam by chaining him up in a cabin and blowing it up with explosives. Recently, she tried to kill him but he agreed to let her go if she promised to never try to harm him again, and of course if Kevin promised to help him win custody of Christian. Nonetheless, if Bella fell ill, Chloe would most likely come looking for Billy to help, thinking he was the father. A blood type might reveal that Billy isn’t a match, much to Chloe’s surprise. In the meantime, Adam may learn that the little girl needs a life saving blood transfusion; feeling guilty for killing Delia, he may try to make amends by donating blood. The test may reveal they are a perfect match. Chloe knowing how she became pregnant, might become alarmed and have a DNA test ran, and of course if she finds out Adam is the father, she will most likely try to murder him…again, to keep him far away from her child. Could Adam be Bella’s father? Stay tuned to The Young and the Restless weekdays on CBS to find out!

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