Is Sally Headed For Heart Break…Again?

Wyatt ended his relationship with Sally because she failed to divulge Thomas secret plan to break up Liam and Hope. Wyatt made it clear to Sally that he could not be in a relationship with a woman he could not trust. After things ended between Wyatt and Sally, he wasted no time at all in jumping into a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Flo Fulton. For weeks Wyatt complimented Flo on her honesty and goodness; he was confident that Flo would never lie to him or keep a secret from him. Imagine how shocked and betrayed Wyatt felt when he learned that not only had Flo kept a secret from him, but she had also participated in the theft of his brother’s new born baby. Ironically, the first person Wyatt wanted to see when he learned of Flo’s deception was Sally! Did Wyatt’s visit to Sally send the wrong message, by misleading her into thinking he wanted another shot at love with her?

Feeling heart broken and betrayed by the news that Flo had participated in helping to illegally place his niece up for adoption, Wyatt ran to Sally to apologize for ending things with her the way he did. Sally, who had earlier confessed to Eric that she stilled loved Wyatt, was all to happy to forgive him and inform him that she would take delight in making him work hard to keep her happy, as payback for breaking her heart. However, Wyatt made it clear that he had just come to apologize, and he had no expectations on her taking him back. Did Sally read to much into Wyatt’s apology? This weeks spoiler indicated that Wyatt would be torn between his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to his family. Wyatt is definitely not over Flo, will he find himself using Sally to try and get over Flo or has he truly realized that Sally is the better woman? Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to see if Sally ends up with a broken heart again.

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