Bold and Beautiful Recap 8/20/2019

Liam arrives at the cabin and overhears Hope telling Beth how their lives is finally the way it was meant to be, with them and daddy. Hope tells Beth she made a bad decision that she promises she will fix. Hope feels a bit embarrassed when she notices Liam had been listening the whole time. After a little happy family talk, Hope tells Liam that Justin will be coming over a little later, and that she was happy Bill suggested him, since Carter was out of town. Hope said she has questions about “Phoebe’s adoption.”

Ridge was disappointed and worried when Thomas still wouldn’t answer his phone calls. Brooke tells Ridge she wishes they knew where he was and what he was up to. Brooke told Ridge that there will be consequences for Thomas to pay now that Flo and Dr. Buckingham were in custody, because the police will want to question everyone who knew Beth was alive. Douglas walks in and said he woke up couldn’t find his dad. He asked where his dad was.

At Vinny’s apartment, Thomas is hot and sweating on the couch as he ignores Ridges phone calls. When Vinny asks him why won’t he answer his dads calls, Thomas explodes and says, ” he doesn’t give a damn about me, thats why he left us for Brooke! She’s the boss of him, that’s why I don’t trust anyone but Hope!” Thomas tells Vinny that he feels like a damn fool being a married man and having to crash on his buddy’s couch.

Ridge tells Douglas that he doesn’t know where his dad is. Brooke tells Douglas, “Thomas is fine.” Douglas asks if his dad is taking a time out. Ridges says, “something like that.” Brooke says in the meantime they get to spend time with the best kid in the whole wide world. Ridge and Brooke tell him, how proud they are of him. Douglas asks, ” for telling the secret about Beth? Brooke says, “and for putting a family back together.” Douglas tells Brooke and Ridge that he thinks his dad is mad at him and doesn’t like him anymore.

Thomas complains about the heat, he said it feels like his brains is on fire. Vinny tells him to chill out. Thomas angrily asks Vinny, how can he chill out when his wife is probably with another man right now!

Hope can’t believe that Beth is such a good baby, Liam adds and happy. Hope says they have Steffy to thank for that, Liam smiles and agrees. Justin comes by and tells them that Carter filled him in on everything and that Carter requested him to tell them how bad he feels about his role in the adoption of their child. Liam says Carter has nothing to be sorry about, he had no clue about the kind of deception that was going on. Justin tells them the person Dr. Buckingham used was a pro, everything looked legit, except the child listed on the documents never exisited. Hope tells Justin she called him over so that they can move forward with their lives.

Brooke tells Ridge, she get’s that he’s in a terrible position because Thomas is his son and he loves him and want to defend him, even after what he did, but she tells him they have to realize what he’s capable of. Ridge asked her if she was trying to say Thomas would hurt Hope. Brooke said he already hurt her by keeping the secret that Beth was alive and tricking her into marrying her. Brooke asks Ridge if Thomas could scare a 5 year old what would he do to Hope. Ridge argued that Thomas was just trying to clear his head and then he would be back to try and work things out with Douglas and Hope. Brooke said the relationship between Hope and Thomas is over. She said Hope has her baby and Liam back, the only man she’s ever wanted a relationship with. Brooke urgently tells Ridge they need to find Thomas before he does something he regrets.

Thomas anxiously tell Vinny how he had everything setup; Liam was with Steffy, he was with Hope and they were married. He begin to rage about how smug and entitled Liam is. He says Liam feels entitled to have both Steffy and Hope and he has to get him away from Hope for good.

Hope tells Justin that she wants to make sure their legal claim to Beth is ironclad. Justin asked if Steffy was going to push back on her to claims to Beth. Liam says no, Steffy wouldn’t do that. Hope tells Justin she also want her marriage to Thomas annulled. Liam added their wedding was just as fraudulent. Hope said she wants the marriage over as fast as possible, her only concern is that it would hurt Douglas who thought of her as a mother figure, but she said she refuse to stay married to Thomas. Hope gave her condolences to Justin for the passing of Emma. Justin said he’s just been burying himself in work to keep his mind off of it thats why he agreed to take on Carters workload. Liam said Thomas is dangerous and he has to keep him away from Hope.

When Thomas goes on and on about Hope, Vinny tells him he understands he loves Hope but what about his son. Thomas angrily responds, “you mean the little brat that ratted me out!?”

Ridge and Brooke argue about Thomas. Ridge can’t believe she thinks his son is dangerous. Brooke argues that he had always been unstable and he’s only getting worse. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas is his son and he isn’t answering his call and he’s worried about him. Brooke apologized for acting as if she was the only one going through something, but added that they can’t ignore the facts; such as Xander claims that Thomas ran Emma off the road. Detective Sanchez knocks on the door, he came to question Thomas and asked if they knew his whereabouts. Brooke and Ridge tells Det. Sanchez they don’t know where he is or when he’ll be back. Brooke asks if he’s in trouble.

Justin warns Hope and Liam that if Thomas is as dangerous as they claim an annulment might send him over the edge and trigger him. Hope says she has considered that but she’s taking her life back!

Thomas tried to rationalize with Vinny about how he will explain to Hope that he kept the secret because it was best for their family and then Hope will send Liam packing. Thomas said he meant what he said when they took their vows: “til death do us part” and anything else is unacceptable.

Ridge tells Det. Sanchez that Emma’s case was closed as a distracted driving. Det. Sanchez tells them Xander presented evidence that Thomas ran Emma off Molholland Drive and they’ve reopened the case. Ridge says his son didn’t do that, and was upset the detective was trying to suggest that his son was a murderer.

Thomas stands in the middle of Vinnys living twisting his wedding ring on his finger saying, “you’re mine Hope, you’re mine.”

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