Desperate Times Calls for Blackmail?

Shauna is desperate to get her daughter Flo out of jail. Since the Logan’s have all turned their backs on Shauna and Flo, Shauna turned to her best friend Quinn, for help. Quinn, feeling torn between her loyalty to her friend and her husband, declined to help bail Flo out, citing her dismay at Flo’s actions. There is no one left for Shauna to ask for help, and she may be feeling desperate. History has taught us that, “desperate times calls for desperate measures,” but soaps have taught us that sometimes desperate times calls for blackmail!

Shauna has come in contact with a few rich men since Flo discovered she was a Logan, but at the moment they are all married. Shauna once had an affair with Bill, but he would not be an option, because it was his grandchild Beth, that Flo, fraudulently gave away. Also, Bill is engaged to Katie Logan, so Shauna has a zero percent chance of getting one cent out of him. Then, there’s Eric Forrester. Eric who previously was a ladies man and an absolute sucker for a blonde with a pretty face, may have been an easy target in the past, but not now. Eric has been in a relationship with all the Logan women,except Katie, so he is super sensitive to the emotional needs of the Logan women and would never betray them. There is one other candidate, Ridge Forrester! Although, Ridge is married to Brooke, the grandmother of the child Flo stole, he may be Shauna’s best option. Especially, since Ridge isn’t feeling to enamored with his wife after she pushed his son, causing him to fall off a cliff and land into a coma. How could Shauna put herself into a situation to get some much needed cash from Ridge, given he threatened to make her pay for telling her daughter to keep quiet about Beth being alive?

Spoilers indicate Ridge will end up spending the night with a woman after getting into a disagreement with his wife. While the spoilers do not indicate whether Ridge will actually have sex with another woman, he may definitely find himself in a compromising situation. If Shauna happens to be the woman he ends up spending the night with, she may very well blackmail him. She could tell Ridge that she would be willing to keep their affair a secret in exchange for enough cash to bail her daughter out of jail, and perhaps obtain some good legal counsel. Ridge would most likely agree for the following reasons; he may not want Brooke to divorce him, he would have betrayed Steffy by sleeping with a woman who helped perpetuate the lie, and also, if he helps free Flo, she may agree to keep quiet about Thomas’s role in the situation. Do you think Shauna is capable of seducing Ridge for cash? Be sure to tune in and watch the Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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