Mama’s Boy or Sally’s Love Toy?

Ever since the Wyatt and Quinn characters were introduced to us, Quinn has been a busy body mother, who lacks the capacity to resist getting involved in her son’s love life. We know from Wyatt’s failed relationship with Hope Logan that it is not beneath Quinn to manipulate situations to make sure her son gets the woman of his dreams. Quinn has even went so far as to kidnap Wyatt’s brother Liam, to make sure Wyatt had a chance at love with Steffy. For the first time ever, Wyatt has found himself in love with two women at the same time, Flo Fulton and Sally Spectra. Although, Wyatt loves both women, his mother clearly has a preference, Flo! Now that Wyatt has gone back to Sally, don’t be surprised if Quinn starts manipulating situations to help navigate Wyatt back into Flo’s arms. If Quinn revert back to her old ways, will Wyatt find himself having to choose between being a good little mama’s boy or being a man in a mature relationship with the woman he loves? Watch the Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to find out!

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