Bold and the Beautiful Recap 9/2/2019

As Detective Sanchez tries to question Thomas about his fall, Ridge asks him to take it easy on Thomas, because he just survived a horrible fall. Detective Sanchez said that’s the reason he’s there, to get answers about Thomas’s accident. Liam tells the Detective Thomas needs his rest. Detective Sanchez ignores Liam and asks Thomas was it an accident or did someone push him.

Sally and Wyatt playful flirted around but when Wyatt went in for the kiss, Sally tells him to slow his road. Wyatt exclaimed, “You totally set me up for that! Weren’t you the one who brought up second chances?” Sally said she’s not ready to just jump into things. Wyatt says they can take things slow. Sally said she’s just happy that Wyatt is even talking to her after what she did. Wyatt apologized for reacting immaturely. Wyatt blamed their breakup on Thomas manipulating her and using anyone and anything to get what he wants.

Despite Ridge and Liam asking the Detective to let Thomas rest, Thomas decides he wants to answer the detectives questions. Thomas tells Detective Sanchez that he remembers being there on the edge, he said he fell. Brooke looks on horrified as Sanchez asked Thomas whether it was an accident or was he pushed. Thomas pauses for a moment and says it was an accident, Brooke exhales and looks relieved.

Wyatt tells Sally that Thomas got what he deserved for all the lies and deceptions. Sally said she doesn’t get it he has a little boy. Wyatt expressed that he was just happy that the two of them were able to work past things.

The detective tells Thomas call him if he remembers anything, he says stories have a way of changing. Before leaving, Sanchez tells him to stick around town because he have questions regarding things Xander and Flo told him. After Detective Sanchez leaves, Dr. Armstrong asks everyone to leave so that Thomas can rest; Thomas says no, he has something to say. He apologized to Hope for taking away the family she was building. He also apologized to his dad for disappointing him. He promised to never do anything like that again. Thomas tells Hope he won’t blame her if she never forgives him but he hopes she does. Liam looks annoyed at Thomas’s statement to Hope.

Thomas asked to talk to Hope alone. Brooke said, “that’s not a good idea.” Hope said, “there’s nothing you can say.” Liam said, “I’m not leaving her along with you.” Thomas says that’s ok and went on to tell Hope that he did what he did out of love because he loves her and because Douglas wanted her to be his mom and he wanted her to be Douglas mom. He told Hope he lied to the detective about Brooke pushing him to prove he is willing to put her feelings above his own. The doctor tells everyone it’s time to go. Before Hope could leave the room, Thomas said, “Hope I did mean what I said, I love you.”

Sally and Wyatt engaged in playful banter. Sally confessed that she loved the way Wyatt chews, Wyatt jokingly told her that all the time he was thinking his chewing was annoying her, he was actually turning her on. Sally joked that she wouldn’t go that far. Wyatt wanted a chance to prove it by taking her out on a dinner date. Their playful chitchat led to a cute kiss.

Dr. Armstrong told Ridge and Brooke, ” Thomas is in good condition given the fall he took, but I’d like to keep him a little longer for observation.” Brooke said, “that’s a relief.” Ridge said Thomas isn’t the only one relived today, he tells Brooke you got really lucky that Thomas didn’t tell Detective Sanchez the truth.

At home Liam tells Hope that he can’t believe what happened today. Hope said she’s happy Thomas is recovering. Liam said he was trying to score points and get sympathy by not telling on Brooke. Hope said he can never make up for all the firsts and time he stole from them. Hope said Thomas’s apology is not enough, it makes her mad; Liam said it makes him mad too. Hope said they’ve cried enough, she want to focus on their daughter and their family

Brooke tried to convince Ridge that she didn’t push Thomas on purpose. Ridge said, ” I saw you, I saw you push my son whether you did it on purpose or not you pushed him and he took a dangerous fall it could have killed him!” Brooke told Ridge he should try to see things from her perspective. Brooke tells him that she saw Thomas by her daughter and was trying to help her. Ridge said, ” so you were trying to help your daughter, and I saw you push my son.” Brooke said, “you have to remember why went over there because we were worried!”, Ridge said, ” I wasn’t worried about anything, I told you I was going to handle it.” He told her that Thomas saved her by lying for her and she ought to go in there and thank him instead of sitting outside his room bad mouthing him. Brooke said she doesn’t believe his apology was sincere, and that he only did it to manipulate Hope. Brooke was indignant when she said, “you want me to apologize to him, he has to pay he has to pay for what he did to Hope.”

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