Y&R 9/2/2019 Recap

Nick learns that Chloe is alive, when he informs Chelsea, he discovers that she bumped into Chloe and Kevin at the coffee house earlier. Chelsea is unsure of where things stand for her and Chloe because she keeps replaying how differently things would have been if Chloe wouldn’t have tried to kill Adam. Nick says he can relate to Chloe because he knows what it feels like to lose a child. Nick believes that his brother, Adam set all the chain of events that lead up to Chloe trying to kill him. Nick asks Chelsea if she would like to reestablish her relationship with Chloe.

When Chloe worries about leaving Billy alone, Kevin reassures her that Billy will be out for hours. To cover their tracks, they planned to sent a text message from Billy’s phone telling all his family and friends that he went to rehab. Victoria is shock to see Chloe and confirm the rumor she read that she was alive, she asks Chloe and Kevin all the details about her pulling off faking her death. Victoria discovered that Billy knew Chloe was alive was alive and how Adam had been blackmailing Kevin in exchange for keeping the secret that Chloe was alive. Victoria correlates Billy knowing Chloe was alive, to him feeling rage towards Adam, she assumes he must have been worried that Adam would harm her.

Michael shows up at Adam’s home to inform him that their deal is off and they know longer have any business together since Kevin and Chloe know longer have to fear him. Adam shocked Michael buy showing him a photo of his son Fen dealing drugs. Adam advised Michael that, “the short time the knife wasn’t at your throat, it was because I was sharpening it.” Michael, sounding defeated asked Adam what he wanted from him.

The talk of addiction was in the air at Crimson Lights, Lauren told Jack that she will be donating a larger contribution to his addiction treatment foundation. Jack leaves when he received a text from Billy’s phone saying that he was in rehab. Michael shows up at Crimson Lights and informs Lauren that Fen’s using again. He wants Lauren to set up a visit with Fen. A frantic Lauren tries to reach Fen, but he doesn’t answer, she hopes it’s just a horrible rumor. Michael tells Lauren whose in disbelief, that it’s true because Adam has photos of Fen dealing drugs. Michael asks Lauren to go and put their son in rehab. Lauren is angry to learn that Adam knows and she vows that they will take Adam down together, when she gets back.

Victoria goes to see Nick and tells him that Billy checked into rehab. Victoria seems to think that Billy may have relapsed into gambling when he went to Vegas to dig up dirt on Adam. Victoria is hurt that the man she love is keeping secrets from her, she mentioned that Billy knew Chloe was alive and didn’t tell her. She worries that the rehab story may just be a cover-story to hide what he’s really doing.

Jack and Tracy discuss Billy going to rehab, and what was missing in their mother life that made her so happy, despite having everything a woman of her time could have wanted. They settled on the thought that Dina needed to leave to try and find what was missing and preventing her from being happy.

Chelsea stumbled across Chloe, Kevin and Bella while they were having a picnic at Chancellor Park. Chloe approached Chelsea to talk and tells her that she knows she doesn’t deserve her forgiveness. Chelsea agrees that Chloe doesn’t deserve her forgiveness but digresses that she have made some mistakes of her own and that she understands why Chloe wanted to kill Adam, Chelsea tells Chloe she wants to be friends again. Chloe introduces Bella to Chloe and they sit to chat.

Billy awakes from his drug induced sedation and asks, “Where the hell am I?”

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