Bold and Beautiful 9/20/2019 Recap

Brooke tells Ridge she’s relieved Thomas isn’t coming into work and that while she’s happy they’re making up there is one thing she hasn’t changed her mind about. Brooke tells Ridge he must admit that Thomas is a troubled man. Ridge tells Brooke he won’t allow his son to be demonized. Brooke says she won’t forgive anyone who stayed silent. Brooke says she will never forgive Shauna either. Ridge tells Brooke that Shauna is only trying to protect her child like any parent would. Brooke tells Ridge she doesn’t want Shauna anywhere near him. When Brooke leaves after putting her foot down about Shauna, Ridge thinks of his night with Shauna. He recalls Shauna telling him if his wife doesn’t appreciate him, she will.

Flo fills Shauna in on what happened when she went to see Wyatt. Shauna tells Flo not to give up on Wyatt. Flo tells her mom that Wyatt said he and Sally aren’t completely together, they haven’t mad love yet. Shauna tells Flo it’s a good sign that Wyatt and Sally haven’t been intimate yet. Flo says or its a sign that they’re really serious and taking things slow like Wyatt wanted to do with her, or maybe Sally’s being cautious since Wyatt dumped her before to be with her.

Wyatt tells Sally he wants her to feel welcomed in anyroom in the house. They share a kiss. Wyatt tells Sally he miss seeing her walk through his door and then tells her that he want her so much right now, they kiss passionately. Sally pulls away and tells Wyatt she can’t. Wyatt asks Sally what she needs to feel secure that their relationship is for real. Sally tells Wyatt how much she loves him, she said his mom and dad don’t like her, but she can’t handle another heartbreak. She wants a commitment from the man she loves. Wyatt tells Sally she shouldn’t have to second guess their commitment. He says he messed up and now he comes off as a man who took advantage of her, but that’s not who he is, he said he has never forgotten how good they are together. He shockes Sally when he drops to his knees and asks her to marry him.

Katie looks up her symptoms online. She’s pleasantly surprised we Will and Bill walk in earlier than expected. When Will leaves to pack his swimsuit to go to a pool party at his friends house, Katie tells Bill how upset she is by Flo’s actions especially giving she has her father’s heart inside of her. Katie and Bill discuss her heart transplant. Bill ask her is she’s ok. Katie tells him she’s having pain in her lower back and legs. Bill tells her he’s going to take her to the doctor. Katie tell Bill she’s fine. Bill said they have the house to themselves, if she were fine they would be doing more in the bed than just talking. Bill says he’s calling the doctor. When Katie stands up to stop him, she passes out, Bill frantically call her name.

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