Thomas has blamed Brooke for his unhappiness for many years. He feels as if his life could have turned out differently if his father’s attention hadn”t been divided between his children and his lust for Brooke. One might even attribute his obbsession with having Hope as Douglas’s mom a direct result of his fear of having his son grow up without two parents, like he did off and on throughout his own childhood. When we think of all the times he and Steffy would talk about having a family, prior to becoming parents they would always say they wanted to have happy families with a mother and father in the home for their children; something they feel they missed out on because of Brooke’s interference in their parents marriage. Thomas finally had a chance to express to Brooke, exactly how he felt about her and her interference in his parents marriage! Did Brooke bring his tirade against her, upon herself?

Many may argue that Thomas and Steffy were raised by their father, sometimes with Brooke helping to raise them. However, there were indeed times that Brooke interfered in Ridge and Taylor’s marriage. Thomas and Steffy did indeed experience living in a single parent hone with Taylor and witnessed their mom being extremely sad when their dad would leave her for Brooke. Often times their resentment for Brooke would also spill over at the office. At one point when Steffy tricked Bill to get the family shares and control of the company back from him, she added her mom and not Brooke as a share holder. You see Thomas, isn’t totally wrong in his claim, this was the reason his sister Steffy also used to try and take revenge against Brooke and her children. Will Ridge be able to help his wife and son make amends and move on as a family, or will Thomas’s resentment against Brooke continue to boil over until he get his ultimate revnge against her? Don’t forget to tune in and watch The Bold and the Beautiful weekdays on CBS, to see if Brooke and Thomas can finally bury the hatchet!

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