Is Aly’s Story Being Retold using Thomas?

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful redheaded heiress named Aly Forrester. Aly was the daughter of Thorne Forrester, son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Unfortunately, the beautiful heiress is now dead because she had a mental illness that sadly was ignored by her family. Aly could not deal with the death of her mother, and became dangerously unstable. Instead of providing Aly with love and support, her father sent her off to L.A. to live with his family, without even telling his family just how unstable she was. She was taunted and made fun of by her uncle Rick Logan Forrester. Aly became obsessed with Hope Logan and seems to have shown her first real signs of being unstable when she caught Hope having sex with Wyatt Spencer. Aly felt that Wyatt was immoral and that Hope should be with a good man of morals, like Liam Spencer. Eventually Aly became so unstable that one day she took a nail and poked a hole in Steffy’s car tire and then followed her from Forrester Creations until Steffy’s tire went flat on Mulholland Drive, where her mother Darla had died. When Steffy exited her vehicle, Aly tried to run her over; when that failed Aly picked up the lug wrench and tried to kill Steffy with it. Sadly that night Aly died when she fell and bumped her head on a rock. There is no doubt that if Aly’s father would have paid more attention to his child instead of shipping her away, she would still be alive. At her funeral, her uncle Ridge Forrester made a very special speech about mental illness, and how important it is to be there for people in crisis, unfortunately, her family had failed her.

Thomas’s situation is eerily similar to Aly’s. Like Aly, Thomas is also a gorgeous heir to the Forrester fortune, who has become unstable because he’s having a hard time dealing with the death of a loved one. Just as Aly was sent away by her father, Thomas’s stepmother is trying to send him far away. Aly was taunted and shamed by Rick Forrester, son of Brooke Logan, who is now taunting and shaming Thomas. Just as Aly became obsessed with Hope, so did Thomas. Aly and Thomas both followed someone from Forrester Creations to Mulhlolland Drive, where death was the end result. The only difference between Aly and Thomas is that, Thomas’s father is trying to support and be there for him. Ridge realizes his son has a problem and he believes he can get through to him and pull him out of his traumatic state. It seems Ridge is the only person who learned something from Aly’s death. Often times in real life, people are far to quick to judge and execute others without having no real insight into why a person is exhibiting bad behavior. The inherent human instinct to call people names and shame them for their bad behavior, often cause more harm than good and can cause their behavior to become worse, or drive them to suicidal thoughts. Brooke should stop treating Thomas so harshly and try to understand that he is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. In the past when he exhibited this behavior it was also because he lost someone he loved ( his sister Phoebe). Whether Brooke comes to the conclusion that she is dealing with Thomas inappropriately or not, it is refreshing to see his father stand by his side, in an effort to help him. It feels as if Aly’s story is being retold with a happy ending, instead of ending in the death of a person in need of love and support. Tune in to The Bold and the Beautiful, weekdays on CBS to see whether will be able to help his son pull though.

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