Mama’s Boy or Sally’s Love Toy?

Ever since the Wyatt and Quinn characters were introduced to us, Quinn has been a busy body mother, who lacks the capacity to resist getting involved in her son’s love life. We know from Wyatt’s failed relationship with Hope Logan that it is not beneath Quinn to manipulate situations to make sure her son gets the woman of his dreams. Quinn has even went so … Continue reading Mama’s Boy or Sally’s Love Toy?

Desperate Times Calls for Blackmail?

Shauna is desperate to get her daughter Flo out of jail. Since the Logan’s have all turned their backs on Shauna and Flo, Shauna turned to her best friend Quinn, for help. Quinn, feeling torn between her loyalty to her friend and her husband, declined to help bail Flo out, citing her dismay at Flo’s actions. There is no one left for Shauna to ask … Continue reading Desperate Times Calls for Blackmail?

Bold and Beautiful Recap 8/20/2019

Liam arrives at the cabin and overhears Hope telling Beth how their lives is finally the way it was meant to be, with them and daddy. Hope tells Beth she made a bad decision that she promises she will fix. Hope feels a bit embarrassed when she notices Liam had been listening the whole time. After a little happy family talk, Hope tells Liam that … Continue reading Bold and Beautiful Recap 8/20/2019

Could Bella Be Adam’s Daughter?

For weeks Billy has been haunted by dreams and delusions of Delia crying out for help. A sleep deprived Billy has seen Delia’s baby doll and writing on the wall of the Chancellor mansion saying: Stop Adam Now! Billy’s nightmares even drove him to buy a gun to kill Adam with. Since Delia is dead, we know that she cannot be crying out for her … Continue reading Could Bella Be Adam’s Daughter?

Is Sally Headed For Heart Break…Again?

Wyatt ended his relationship with Sally because she failed to divulge Thomas secret plan to break up Liam and Hope. Wyatt made it clear to Sally that he could not be in a relationship with a woman he could not trust. After things ended between Wyatt and Sally, he wasted no time at all in jumping into a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Flo … Continue reading Is Sally Headed For Heart Break…Again?

A New Doctor in Town

Beginning the week of August 26, look for more of the baby-swap storyline to unravel when Vincent Irizarry make his debut on The Bold and the Beautiful Monday, August 26, 2019. He will play the role of Dr. Armstrong and will have a vital role in the baby-swap story-line. Vincent Irizarry is known for his roles in other daytime drama series such as; Guiding Light … Continue reading A New Doctor in Town

Til Death Do Us Part!

Thomas has become progressively obsessed with Hope, since the death of Caroline. Initially Thomas’s interest in Hope seemed to be about wanting a mother for his grieving son, but soon that desire turned into a dark obsession that lead to him wanting Hope all for himself! Despite Brooke warning her daughter that Thomas was unstable and pleading with her not to marry him, Hope decided … Continue reading Til Death Do Us Part!

Could Phyllis Be the Next Mrs. Newman?

Adam and Nick have been viciously battling each other for custody of Christian. Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Adam’s side, everyone seems to think that Christian belongs with Nick. Adam however, feel he should raise his son, because he doesn’t want his son to grow up in a house of lies like he did. It appears that Adam will ask Sharon to marry … Continue reading Could Phyllis Be the Next Mrs. Newman?

Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

Monday 8/19/2019 Something unexpected happens of Lola and Kyle’s wedding. Summer is heartbroken that her true love has married Lola and is comforted by Phyllis. Billy has a total meltdown. Tuesday 8/20/2019 Sharon receives shocking news from Adam. Lauren is concerned by the choices have Michael have been making. Wednesday 8/21/2019 Victor becomes aware of an explosive secret. Theo tries to sabotage Mariah. Billy becomes … Continue reading Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

Bold and Beautiful Spoilers 8/19-8/23

MONDAY 8/19/2019 Hope and Ridge see to it that Flo pays for her role in the kidnapping of Beth. Wyatt has to choose between his feelings for Flo and his loyalty to his family. TUESDAY 8/20/2019 Ridge feels uneasy when Detective Sanchez shows up to question Thomas about Emma’s death. Justin helps Hope annul her marriage to Thomas and undo the illegal adoption of Phoebe … Continue reading Bold and Beautiful Spoilers 8/19-8/23