Is Aly’s Story Being Retold using Thomas?

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful redheaded heiress named Aly Forrester. Aly was the daughter of Thorne Forrester, son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Unfortunately, the beautiful heiress is now dead because she had a mental illness that sadly was ignored by her family. Aly could not deal with the death of her mother, and became dangerously unstable. Instead of providing Aly with … Continue reading Is Aly’s Story Being Retold using Thomas?

Mama’s Boy or Sally’s Love Toy?

Ever since the Wyatt and Quinn characters were introduced to us, Quinn has been a busy body mother, who lacks the capacity to resist getting involved in her son’s love life. We know from Wyatt’s failed relationship with Hope Logan that it is not beneath Quinn to manipulate situations to make sure her son gets the woman of his dreams. Quinn has even went so … Continue reading Mama’s Boy or Sally’s Love Toy?

Desperate Times Calls for Blackmail?

Shauna is desperate to get her daughter Flo out of jail. Since the Logan’s have all turned their backs on Shauna and Flo, Shauna turned to her best friend Quinn, for help. Quinn, feeling torn between her loyalty to her friend and her husband, declined to help bail Flo out, citing her dismay at Flo’s actions. There is no one left for Shauna to ask … Continue reading Desperate Times Calls for Blackmail?

Til Death Do Us Part!

Thomas has become progressively obsessed with Hope, since the death of Caroline. Initially Thomas’s interest in Hope seemed to be about wanting a mother for his grieving son, but soon that desire turned into a dark obsession that lead to him wanting Hope all for himself! Despite Brooke warning her daughter that Thomas was unstable and pleading with her not to marry him, Hope decided … Continue reading Til Death Do Us Part!

Has Thomas Hurt FC by Marrying Hope?

Revealing Beth was alive in hearing distance of Douglas, may not be the only mistake Thomas made. Thomas was so desperate to marry Hope that he forgot to have her sign a prenuptial agreement. He was so sure he could convince her to fall in love with him and he even fantasized that they would one day run Forrester Creations together. This mistake may cost … Continue reading Has Thomas Hurt FC by Marrying Hope?

Flo Is Guilty: Article 2

Flo first appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful on January 14, 2019. From her very first appearance she is seen lying to Taylor and manipulating her into thinking Beth was her baby, and she desperately needed to give up for adoption, all in an effort to lure Taylor into adopting the baby for cash. Below we have included the dialogue that occurred between Flo, … Continue reading Flo Is Guilty: Article 2