Y&R 9/2/2019 Recap

Nick learns that Chloe is alive, when he informs Chelsea, he discovers that she bumped into Chloe and Kevin at the coffee house earlier. Chelsea is unsure of where things stand for her and Chloe because she keeps replaying how differently things would have been if Chloe wouldn’t have tried to kill Adam. Nick says he can relate to Chloe because he knows what it … Continue reading Y&R 9/2/2019 Recap

Y&R Recap Thursday 8/15/2019

Lola jokes with Kyle telling him that he’s superstitious because he’s packing so that he can spend the night before their wedding away from her. Kyle tells Lola maybe he’s just traditional. Lola jokingly suggests that maybe he’s bolting before the wedding. She confesses she’s nervous and that she really likes him and would like to keep him around. Kyle tells her that’s good because … Continue reading Y&R Recap Thursday 8/15/2019

Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/14/2019

Abby is surprised to see that her mom has arrived earlier than expected. Ashley asks Abby where Jack is, she says they have some business to discuss and that he was expecting her arrival. Ashley tells her mom, that Jack left and later he is supposed to go and try to convince Celeste to come to Kyle and Lola’s wedding. Ashley tells Abby she wonder … Continue reading Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/14/2019

Y&R Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Rey shows up to Lola’s apartment per her request, he thinks she’s having cold feet but she tells him quite the contrary, she’s very excited. Rey tells Lola he’s surprised that she’s leaving the wedding planning up to Kyle especially considering what happened at the party, Lola tells him that wasn’t Kyle’s fault and that their wedding day is every bit as important to Kyle … Continue reading Y&R Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/7/2019

Adam calls the police to report an assault. At Crimson Light Phyllis makes a business proposal to Devon, but he declines saying he has already taken on a new project. Phyllis has Nick listed last on her list of potential investors. Billy bumps into Rey at Crimson Lights and tells him that he’s sorry about him and Sharon. He tells Rey that Adam is a … Continue reading Y&R Recap Wednesday 8/7/2019

Y&R Recap August 2,2019

Billy talks to a therapist and she asks him to tell her what happened to his daughter. He tells his therapist that he will tell her exactly what happened to his daughter, but it won’t change anything, because the man who did it, is still here, and he’s not going anywhere. The therapist asks Billy what made him decide to come and seek help from … Continue reading Y&R Recap August 2,2019

Y&R Recap Thursday 8/1/2019

Mariah notices that something is wrong with Sharon. Sharon tells Mariah that Rey moved out. When Mariah asked her why, Sharon says just irreconcilable difference. Mariah figures out it was about Adam, and told her that she promised to stay away from Adam. Mariah asked Sharon how she could turn her back on Nick. Sharon said Adam is Christian’s father, Mariah chastised her saying blood … Continue reading Y&R Recap Thursday 8/1/2019

Y&R Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

When Billy tries to make light of his insomnia, Victoria tells him she’s really worried about him, she says she want to be there to help him and she wishes he would have confided in her from the beginning. Billy tells Victoria he was embarrassed and didn’t want to dredge up the pain from the past; Victoria tells Billy that he wasn’t to embarrassed to … Continue reading Y&R Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

Y&R Recap Tuesday 7/30/2019

The attorney tells Chelsea that Calvin left her five million dollars. Chelsea was shocked to learn Calvin left her money, given she signed a prenuptial agreement. The attorney informs Chelsea that the prenup was a formality to protect Calvin, given her and her mothers past. Darryl tells Chelsea that Calvin also left a trust for Connors education. Chelsea tells the attorney it feels wrong signing … Continue reading Y&R Recap Tuesday 7/30/2019