Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

Monday 8/19/2019 Something unexpected happens of Lola and Kyle’s wedding. Summer is heartbroken that her true love has married Lola and is comforted by Phyllis. Billy has a total meltdown. Tuesday 8/20/2019 Sharon receives shocking news from Adam. Lauren is concerned by the choices have Michael have been making. Wednesday 8/21/2019 Victor becomes aware of an explosive secret. Theo tries to sabotage Mariah. Billy becomes … Continue reading Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

Y&R Recap August 2,2019

Billy talks to a therapist and she asks him to tell her what happened to his daughter. He tells his therapist that he will tell her exactly what happened to his daughter, but it won’t change anything, because the man who did it, is still here, and he’s not going anywhere. The therapist asks Billy what made him decide to come and seek help from … Continue reading Y&R Recap August 2,2019

Y&R Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

When Billy tries to make light of his insomnia, Victoria tells him she’s really worried about him, she says she want to be there to help him and she wishes he would have confided in her from the beginning. Billy tells Victoria he was embarrassed and didn’t want to dredge up the pain from the past; Victoria tells Billy that he wasn’t to embarrassed to … Continue reading Y&R Recap Wednesday 7/31/2019

Y&R Spoilers 7/29-8/2

MON 7/29/2019 Michael’s dark side emerges, Rey challenges Adam, Nick and Chelsea discuss their future. TUE 7/30/2019 Victor has a tough decision to make, wedding planning is underway by Lola and Kyle, and Billy spirals further out of control. WED 7/31/2019 Jack gives out some tough love, Paul shows supports Christine, Nick is surprised by Phyllis. THU 8/1/2019 Nick and Devon team up, Mariah and … Continue reading Y&R Spoilers 7/29-8/2

Y&R Recap 7/18/2019

Jack met up with Ashley in Paris, they have a little friendly sibling rivalry conversation about who’s outselling who. Ashley wants to get down to the bottom of why Jacks really in Paris, she finds it hard to believe it’s a spare of the moment vacation. Jack confesses to Ashley that he’s having trouble finding satisfaction despite all his success. Ashley tells Jack maybe he … Continue reading Y&R Recap 7/18/2019