Crazy in Love with Hope

“Thomas is crazy,” has been the caption flooding many timelines of the Bold and the Beautiful fans. Some fans even have taken to calling him names like the “Norman Bates” of daytime and saying horror film characters such as; Michael Myers and Jason would be proud of him. There is no denying that Thomas’s undying love for Hope has caused him to make some rather … Continue reading Crazy in Love with Hope

B&B Spoilers: June 24-28

Monday June 24: Brooke is displeased with Bill’s reaction to her concerns about Thomas. The Baby Beth secret takes a turn for the worse and results in death. Tuesday June 25: Disturbing news causes a shake-up in Ridge and Brooke’s marriage. Pam shares her concerns about the heated situation she walked in on between Thomas and Emma to Brooke. Wednesday June 26: The Forresters, Spencers, … Continue reading B&B Spoilers: June 24-28