Bold and Beautiful Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Brooke tells Ridge that she pulled all Beth’s things from storage and set them up for Hope. Ridge tells Brooke that he should have stayed with Steffy, Brooke tells him that Steffy didn’t want him to stay. Brooke tells Ridge that she’s thankful for what Steffy did for Beth and that she let Liam and Hope leave with her, but that she looks forward to … Continue reading Bold and Beautiful Recap Tuesday 8/13/2019

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 8/5-8/9

MON 8/5/2019 Feeling ashamed of the hurt she’s caused Steffy, Liam and Hope, Flo makes a desperate attempt to save her relationship with Wyatt. Hope learns Beth is alive when she witness an epic showdown between Thomas and Liam. TUE 8/6/2019 Flo comes clean and tells Ridge and Brooke that she didn’t give birth to Phoebe. Hope and Liam happily reunites with Beth. WED 8/7/2019 … Continue reading Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers 8/5-8/9

A night of Cha Cha Cha

When Steffy planned a beach party so that her girls could get to know their cousin Douglas, she had no clue that she and Liam would end the night cha cha cha-ing between the sheets. What started out as an innocent day of festivities, turned wickedly devious when Thomas laced Liam’s drink with an unknown substance. Although, Liam’s drink was laced it only seemed to … Continue reading A night of Cha Cha Cha

Crazy in Love with Hope

“Thomas is crazy,” has been the caption flooding many timelines of the Bold and the Beautiful fans. Some fans even have taken to calling him names like the “Norman Bates” of daytime and saying horror film characters such as; Michael Myers and Jason would be proud of him. There is no denying that Thomas’s undying love for Hope has caused him to make some rather … Continue reading Crazy in Love with Hope