Could Bella Be Adam’s Daughter?

For weeks Billy has been haunted by dreams and delusions of Delia crying out for help. A sleep deprived Billy has seen Delia’s baby doll and writing on the wall of the Chancellor mansion saying: Stop Adam Now! Billy’s nightmares even drove him to buy a gun to kill Adam with. Since Delia is dead, we know that she cannot be crying out for her … Continue reading Could Bella Be Adam’s Daughter?

Could Phyllis Be the Next Mrs. Newman?

Adam and Nick have been viciously battling each other for custody of Christian. Unfortunately, no one seems to be on Adam’s side, everyone seems to think that Christian belongs with Nick. Adam however, feel he should raise his son, because he doesn’t want his son to grow up in a house of lies like he did. It appears that Adam will ask Sharon to marry … Continue reading Could Phyllis Be the Next Mrs. Newman?

Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

Monday 8/19/2019 Something unexpected happens of Lola and Kyle’s wedding. Summer is heartbroken that her true love has married Lola and is comforted by Phyllis. Billy has a total meltdown. Tuesday 8/20/2019 Sharon receives shocking news from Adam. Lauren is concerned by the choices have Michael have been making. Wednesday 8/21/2019 Victor becomes aware of an explosive secret. Theo tries to sabotage Mariah. Billy becomes … Continue reading Y&R Spoilers 8/19-8/23

How Far Would Chelsea Go For Nick?

Christian has been in the center of controversy since the day he was conceived. When his mother Sage, found out she was pregnant she didn’t know whether Adam or Nick was the father. A paternity test revealed Nick was the father, however, after being born prematurely, Nick and Sage were told their son died. Sage later learned Christian was alive and that Sharon was raising … Continue reading How Far Would Chelsea Go For Nick?

Y&R Recap 7/18/2019

Jack met up with Ashley in Paris, they have a little friendly sibling rivalry conversation about who’s outselling who. Ashley wants to get down to the bottom of why Jacks really in Paris, she finds it hard to believe it’s a spare of the moment vacation. Jack confesses to Ashley that he’s having trouble finding satisfaction despite all his success. Ashley tells Jack maybe he … Continue reading Y&R Recap 7/18/2019