Out of Control

Lately Thomas’s behavior has been a bit strange and inappropriate, to put it mildly. Thomas seems to be losing a grip on reality. Hope seems to be his target and Douglas seems to be his puppet, whose strings he pulls to help snare his target. It seems his family members are missing the signs of his mental downward spiral. Perhaps, if his mother was around she would be able to pick up on his mental instability, since she is a licensed psychiatrist.

Thomas has been through a lot of emotional turmoil over the years, and this could be a possible cause of his mental downward spiral. Thomas grew up in a home where his father’s attention and heart was always divided, and he felt the burden of protecting his mother and sister from the pain they experienced each time his father walked out on them. He mourned his mother several times when she was assumed dead, had a nervous breakdown when his sister Phoebe died in a car crash, and pursued violent vengeance against Rick to avenged his sister’s death. He’s always had to fight to prove he was worthy to lead his family business into the future. His father kept the paternity of his son a secret from him, and recently he lost his true love and mother of his son, Caroline. Anyone who has went through what Thomas experienced, would at some point have a moment of temporary insanity, so it’s understandable why he may be experiencing a moment of insanity now.

The last time we saw Dr. Taylor Hayes, she expressed to Ridge that she thought it would be great if Thomas and Hope were together so that Douglas could have a mom. As a psychiatrist, Taylor would be able to recognize that the way Thomas has chosen to pursue Hope is not healthy; although he seems to think it’s because he actually loves Hope, his desperation seems to be more about Douglas having a mom. What would motivate Thomas to be so desperate for his son to have a mom, that he would relish in the death of Emma, spike Liam’s drink, and coerce his child to propose to Hope? Could Thomas’s feeling of desperation to make Hope his son’s mom, be related to his own childhood fears and feelings of abandonment? It’s apparent that Thomas developed abandonment issues from his father leaving the family to be with Brooke, but now we must also consider the abandonment he may have felt each time he thought his mom had died. His feelings of abandonment when his own mother died time and time again, could be why he expressed to Hope that Douglas feels abandoned and Hope had to remind him that Caroline didn’t leave her son, she died. Perhaps Thomas also feels abandoned by Caroline, and it has awakened the childhood abandonment issues he developed when he lost his mom over and over again. Another possible reason Thomas could be behaving inappropriately could be due to a medical condition, such as a brain tumor. Whatever the reasons for Thomas’s irrational and indecent behavior as of late, Dr. Hayes should come right away and evaluate her son!

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