Is Aly’s Story Being Retold using Thomas?

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful redheaded heiress named Aly Forrester. Aly was the daughter of Thorne Forrester, son of Eric and Stephanie Forrester. Unfortunately, the beautiful heiress is now dead because she had a mental illness that sadly was ignored by her family. Aly could not deal with the death of her mother, and became dangerously unstable. Instead of providing Aly with … Continue reading Is Aly’s Story Being Retold using Thomas?

Bold and Beautiful 9/20/2019 Recap

Brooke tells Ridge she’s relieved Thomas isn’t coming into work and that while she’s happy they’re making up there is one thing she hasn’t changed her mind about. Brooke tells Ridge he must admit that Thomas is a troubled man. Ridge tells Brooke he won’t allow his son to be demonized. Brooke says she won’t forgive anyone who stayed silent. Brooke says she will never … Continue reading Bold and Beautiful 9/20/2019 Recap

Bold and the Beautiful Recap 9/2/2019

As Detective Sanchez tries to question Thomas about his fall, Ridge asks him to take it easy on Thomas, because he just survived a horrible fall. Detective Sanchez said that’s the reason he’s there, to get answers about Thomas’s accident. Liam tells the Detective Thomas needs his rest. Detective Sanchez ignores Liam and asks Thomas was it an accident or did someone push him. Sally … Continue reading Bold and the Beautiful Recap 9/2/2019

Y&R 9/2/2019 Recap

Nick learns that Chloe is alive, when he informs Chelsea, he discovers that she bumped into Chloe and Kevin at the coffee house earlier. Chelsea is unsure of where things stand for her and Chloe because she keeps replaying how differently things would have been if Chloe wouldn’t have tried to kill Adam. Nick says he can relate to Chloe because he knows what it … Continue reading Y&R 9/2/2019 Recap